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A-Train is the official Autoscan trigger that listens for changes within Google Drive. It is the successor of Autoscan's Bernard trigger, which unfortunately contains enough logic errors to prompt a rewrite.

  • Supports Shared Drives
  • Service Account-based authentication
  • Does not support My Drive
  • Does not support encrypted files
  • Does not support alternative authentication methods


A-Train works exclusively through Shared Drives and Service Accounts. Shared Drives can only be created on GSuite / Google Workspace accounts.

First, you must create a Service Account and create a JSON key. Afterwards, if you do not have one already, create a Shared Drive within Google Drive and then add the email address of the Service Account to the Shared Drive (with Reader permission).

Setup A-Train

  • Install A-Train from Docksever Addons Menu.

  • Stop the container.

sudo docker stop a-train

  • Head over to the appdata folder.

cd /opt/appdata/a-train/data/

  • Create a a-train.toml file.

sudo nano a-train.toml

  • Copy / Paste the following config into the created file from previous step and edit it to your needs.
url = "http://autoscan:3030"
username = "your_username"
password = "your_password"

account = "./service-account.json"
drives = ["shared_drive_id", ....]
  • Create a service-account.json.

create a Service Account and create a JSON key.

  • Copy it in /opt/appdata/a-train/data/

That´s it... Now you can start A-Train with sudo docker start a-train and check logs sudo docker logs -f a-train for errors.


Kindly report any issues/broken-parts/bugs on github or discord

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