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A Discord bot that displays live data from Tautulli


Tauticord uses the Tautulli API to pull information from Tautulli and display them in a Discord channel, including:


  • Number of current streams
  • Number of transcoding streams
  • Total bandwidth
  • Total LAN bandwidth
  • Total remote bandwidth
  • Library item counts

For each stream:

  • Stream state (playing, paused, stopped, loading)
  • Media type (tv show/movie/song/photo)
  • User
  • Media title
  • Product and player
  • Quality profile
  • Stream bandwidth
  • If stream is transcoding
  • Progress of stream
  • ETA of stream completion

Administrator (the bot owner) can react to Tauticord's messages to terminate a specific stream (if they have Plex Pass).

Users can also indicate what libraries they would like monitored. Tauticord will create/update a voice channel for each library name with item counts every hour.

Installation and setup



  • A Plex Media Server
  • Tautulli
  • A Discord server

Installation and Setup

Setup a Discord Bot


Permissions required:

  • Manage Channels
  • View Channels
  • Send Messages
  • Manage Messages
  • Read Message History
  • Add Reactions

Setup Tauticord

  1. Install Tauticord from Docksever Addons Menu.
  2. Stop Tauticord.

    sudo docker stop tauticord
  3. Download config.yaml to /opt/appdata/tauticord/

    wget -O /opt/appdata/tauticord/config.yaml
  4. Edit the config file to your needs.

    nano /opt/appdata/tauticord/config.yaml
  5. Start the container.

    sudo docker start tauticord

Et voilĂ , your Bot should now be online in your Disord Server.

Wiki Maintainer



Kindly report any issues/broken-parts/bugs on github or discord

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