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Restic is a backup program that is fast, efficient and secure. It supports the three major operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows) and a few smaller ones (FreeBSD, OpenBSD).


  • Full Rclone Support.
  • Runs default every day at 2am.
  • Multiple jobs possible.
  • Automatic configuration and repository creation.


All settings can be found here: /opt/appdata/restic/restic/restic.env


Setting Default Description
PUID 1000 PGUID to be used by Restic.
PGID 1000 PGID to be used by Restic.
TIMEZONE UTC Timezone to be used by Restic.


Setting Default Description
RESTIC_JOBS 1 Configure multiple jobs, creates for every job an extra ENV file.
RESTIC_HOST Restic Restic Backup hostname.
RESTIC_REPOSITORY null Rclone Backup path eg example: rclone:tdrive:backup/myservername.
RESTIC_PASSWORD null Secure password for your backups.
RESTIC_TAG appdata Backup Tag, good for multiple Backups.
RESTIC_EXCLUDES /app/restic/excludes.txt Default Excludes File inside the Docker.
RESTIC_PACK_SIZE 32 Restic Pack Size Restic documentation
RESTIC_CACHE_DIR /config/.cache Backup Cache Folder.
RESTIC_FOLDER /opt/appdata Backup Folder.


Setting Default Description
GOOGLE_IP Set hardcoded IP for this does prevent Error 429. You can specify multiple IPs with comma separated.
PROXY null Set HTTP or SOCKS5 Proxy for RClone. Rclone documentation for details.


Apprise has been integrated into Uploader and is defaulted to format all notifications in Markdown. Please refer to the Apprise documentation for more information.

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Setting Default Description
NOTIFICATION_URL null The notification URL to be passed to Apprise. Discord examples:{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}discord://{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}/discord://{user}@{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}/
NOTIFICATION_LEVEL ALL What notifications should be sent to NOTIFICATION_URL. Options:ALL - Send notification for all backupsERROR - Send notification for only errorsNONE - Do not send any notifications
NOTIFICATION_SERVERNAME null What to display on the notification, after "Restic - ". null will default to "Restic - Docker". Anything else will only replace "Docker".Examples:NOTIFICATION_SERVERNAME=null results in "Restic - Docker"NOTIFICATION_SERVERNAME=My Awesome Server will result in "Restic Backup - My Awesome Server"

Setup Restic Backup

Install Container

Install from dockserver>apps>backup menu

Create Service Account

Put service account into /opt/appdata/restic/rclone/keys IMPORTANT: Make sure service account has manager permissions on google.

Create Rclone.conf

nano /opt/appdata/restic/rclone/rclone.conf Should look something like this:

type = drive
scope = drive
service_account_file = /config/rclone/keys/NAMEOFSA
team_drive =xxxxxxxxx

ENV Setup

nano /opt/appdata/restic/restic/restic.env change RESTIC_REPOSITORY="null" to RESTIC_REPOSITORY="rclone:tdrive:PATH/TO/BACKUP/FOLDER" change RESTIC_PASSWORD=null to RESTIC_PASSWORD=YOURPASSWORD

Restart Container

After changes, sudo docker restart restic

Restic Commands

Manual Backup

docker exec -it restic bash
source /app/restic/
Full Restore
docker exec -it restic bash
source /app/restic/
App Restore
docker exec -it restic bash
source /app/restic/
resticrestore <APPNAME>
View Snapshots
docker exec -it restic bash
source /app/restic/
Restore Specific App Snapshot (Replace SNAPSHOT_ID and NAMEOFAPP)
docker exec -it restic bash
source /app/restic/
source /config/restic/restic.env
$(which restic) restore <SNAPSHOT_ID> --repo "${RESTIC_REPOSITORY}" --password-command "$(which echo) ${RESTIC_PASSWORD}" --target "/" --tag "${RESTIC_TAG}" --option rclone.args="serve restic --stdio --checkers=16 --drive-chunk-size=32M --drive-use-trash=false --fast-list --config=/config/rclone/rclone.conf" --include "${RESTIC_FOLDER}/<NAMEOFAPP>"


Kindly report any issues on GitHub or Discord:

  • Join our Discord: for Support
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