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Conreq Beta

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Conreq, a content requesting platform.

Want to join the community or have a question? Join us on Discord, discuss on GitHub Discussions, or see our planned features and roadmap on GitHub Projects!

Looking for more info? Are you a developer and want to contribute? Check out our Documentation!

Installation (Production Environment)

Install through Unraid Community Applications, or Hotio/SelfHosters Docker.

Here's a list of all available environment variables:

# General Settings
TZ = "America/Los_Angeles"                # default: UTC (Timezone for log files, in "TZ Database" format)
BASE_URL = "requests"                     # default: None
APP_NAME = "RequestCentral"               # default: Conreq
APP_DESCRIPTION = "Get yo stuff!"         # default: Content Requesting
ARR_REFRESH_INTERNAL = "*/15"             # default: */1 (Cron minutes for Sonarr/Radarr library refresh)

# Data Storage
DATA_DIR = "/example/directory"           # default: /config (Defaults to "data" outside of docker)
DB_ENGINE = "MYSQL"                       # default: SQLITE3
MYSQL_CONFIG_FILE = "/config/mysql.cnf"   # default: None

# Security
SSL_SECURITY = "True"                     # default: False (True enables advanced SSL security features)
PWNED_VALIDATOR = "False"                 # default: True (False disables checking for compromised passwords)
X_FRAME_OPTIONS = "SAMEORIGIN"            # default: DENY (False disables X-Frame-Options)
ALLOWED_HOST = ""            # default: * (Allows all hosts)
DEBUG = False                             # default: False (Disable security features, only enable this during development. Defaults to True outside of docker.)

# Email
EMAIL_USE_TLS = "False"                   # default: True
EMAIL_PORT = "465"                        # default: 587
EMAIL_HOST = ""      # default:
EMAIL_HOST_USER = "[email protected]"    # default: None
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = "dogmemes123"       # default: None


Login screen Discover tab
Discover (Desktop) More Info (Desktop)
More Info Tab Content Preview Modal
Episode Selection Modal (Desktop) Filter Modal (Desktop)
Discover Tab Mobile More Info Tab Mobile
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Discover (Mobile) More Info (Mobile)
Discover Tab Mobile More Info Tab Mobile
Episode Selection Modal (Mobile) Filter Modal (Mobile)
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Kindly report any issues/broken-parts/bugs on github or discord

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