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Each Mount instance needs his own Project/Keys, never use keys from other projects.

If you use Dropbox make sure to name them in rclone.conf like this: [DB] & [DBC], you also have to set the filename_encoding to base32768.



All settings can be found here: /opt/appdata/system/mount/mount.env

Latest yml for installation can be found here Link.


Setting Default Description
PUID 1000 PGUID to be used by Mount.
PGID 1000 PGID to be used by Mount.
TIMEZONE UTC Timezone to be used by Mount.


Setting Default Description
HASHPASSWORD hashed If using drive.csv and encrypted Team Drive, this must be set.Options:hashedplain

You have 2 options for this value HASHPASSWORD.

  1. hashed this tells mount that you have the encrypted password in your drive.csv.

  2. plain this tells mount that you have the plain password in your drive.csv or.

You can leave the value as it is if you dont has created the drive.csv by yourself.


Setting Default Description
ADDITIONAL_MOUNT null Additional mount points for unionfs.
ADDITIONAL_MOUNT_PERMISSION RW Read/Write permissons for additional mount points. Options:RW - Read/WriteRO - Read Only


For Rclone WebUI - Leave user and password blank and hit login button.

Setting Default Description
GOOGLE_IP Set hardcoded IP for this does prevent Error 429. You can specify multiple IPs with comma separated.
PROXY null Set HTTP or SOCKS5 Proxy for RClone. Rclone documentation for details.
UMASK 18 Rclone uses its own values 18 = 022.
DRIVETRASH false Whether or not the Drive Trash should be used. Options:truefalse
DRIVE_CHUNK_SIZE 128M Rclone performance setting. This setting should only be changed if you know what you are doing.
BUFFER_SIZE 32M Rclone memory buffer setting. See Rclone documentation for details.
TMPRCLONE /mnt/rclone_cache Rclone cache folder.
UAGENT NONE This is randomly generated and does not need to be changed.
TPSLIMIT 10 Rclone limit transactions per second. See Rclone documentation for details.
TPSBURST 10 Rclone limit transactions burst. See Rclone documentation for details.


Setting Default Description
VFS_READ_CHUNK_SIZE 128M Rclone read chunk size. See Rclone documentation for details.
VFS_READ_CHUNK_SIZE_LIMIT 4096M Rclone limit read chunk size. See Rclone documentation for details.
VFS_CACHE_MAX_SIZE NONE Rclone maximum allowed local cache size.
VFS_CACHE_MAX_AGE 6h Rclone maximum allowed local age. Can be s,m,h,d,w,M,y.
VFS_DIR_CACHE_TIME 12h Rclone dir cache time. Can be s,m,h,d,w,M,y. See Rclone documentation for details.
VFS_REFRESH_ENABLE true Whether or not the VFS cache should be refreshed. Options:truefalse
VFS_REFRESH 12h How often to perform a VFS refresh.


Setting Default Description
LOG_LEVEL INFO Please refer to the Rclone documentation before changes are made. Options:DEBUGINFONOTICEERROR


Apprise has been integrated into Mount and is defaulted to format all notifications in Markdown. Please refer to the Apprise documentation for more information.

Image of Notification

Setting Default Description
NOTIFICATION_URL null The notification URL to be passed to Apprise. Discord examples:{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}discord://{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}/discord://{user}@{WebhookID}/{WebhookToken}/
NOTIFICATION_SERVERNAME null What to display on the notification, after "Mount - ". null will default to "Mount - Docker". Anything else will only replace "Docker".Examples:NOTIFICATION_SERVERNAME=null results in "Mount - Docker"NOTIFICATION_SERVERNAME=My Awesome Server will result in "Mount - My Awesome Server"


Setting Default Description
LANGUAGE en Language to use. Options:en - Englishde - German

Optional Settings

Service Key Mount

Service Key Mount is used to prevent Google API Bans. To make use of this, you need to create new Keys within a different Google Project.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the same Keys as for the Uploader!


  • Create new Service Account Keys (see Documentation)
  • Share all Keys with all Team Drives and set to Manager.
  • Place the new Keys in opt/appdata/system/mount/keys. (You may name the Keys whatever you'd like)
  • When Keys are present, a file named drive.csv is created under opt/appdata/system/mount. This file contains all Team Drive information from your rclone.conf located in opt/appdata/system/rclone.

If you don't have an rclone.conf, you can create the drive.csv manually.

Unencrypted Team Drives example:

  • 1 = TEAM_DRIVE_NAME -> (TV)
  • 2 = TEAM_DRIVE_ID -> (0AFsVct4HDKPrUk9PVvvvvvvvv)

Important: Each line in csv is one tdrive



Encrypted Team Drives example:

  • 1 = TEAM_DRIVE_NAME -> (tdrive1)
  • 2 = TEAM_DRIVE_ID -> (0AFsVct4HDKPrUk9PVvvvvvvvv)
  • 3 = PASSWORD - -> (72nsjsiwjsjsu)
  • 4 = PASSWORD SALT - -> (72nsjsiwjsjsu)

Important: Each line in csv is one tdrive



Use RAM for rclone_cache

IMPORTANT: Only for advanced users. If your system has less than 128GB of RAM or you are unable to allocate at least 50GB for rclone_cache, you should not attempt this.

Since our servers usually have a lot of unused RAM, there is a possibility to save local storage while reducing wear and tear on the drive(s) by utilizing RAM for the rclone_cache. /dev/shm is the RAM cache in Linux and , by default, is ½ of all system RAM. The example below shows how to change this.

Example setup for a system with 128GB of RAM:

  1. sudo nano /etc/fstab
  2. Add tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults,size=116g 0 0 (Where 116g is the amount of RAM to reserve for cache, in gigabytes.)
  3. Disable swap: sudo swapoff -a
  4. sudo nano /opt/appdata/system/mount/mount.env
  5. Change TMPRCLONE=/ram_cache
  6. Change VFS_CACHE_MAX_SIZE=80G
  7. Reboot machine sudo reboot -n
  8. Verify that /mnt/unionfs is mounted. If not, redeploy Mount (sudo mountpoint /mnt/unionfs/ & sudo docker log mount)


Kindly report any issues on GitHub or Discord:

  • Join our Discord: for Support

Known issues

After redeploy of Mount you see following error in container log?

  • [2023/05/14 16:16:33] [Mount] -> Starting of Rclone was failed <-
  • [2023/05/14 16:16:34] [Mount] -> Starting Mount <-

Do following:

  • stop your arrs + plex, then:
  • docker stop mount && docker rm mount && umount /mnt/remotes && umount /mnt/unionfs && fusermount -uzq /mnt/remotes && fusermount -uzq /mnt/unionfs
  • then redeploy mount. (You can ignore the not mounted message)
  • After mount start, you can start your arrs and plex again.
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