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Container Images

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Latest Official Release on GitHub MIT License

All Dockefiles are automatically generated

Do not try to change anything live on the repository

All changes are made from our own CI Pipline ( unpublic )

We are out of the dev version.

All Containers can be used without breaking.

You can use all with dockserver

Don't use the images / dockers on other projects This should not work for you.

Before open a feature request/ pull_request or issues

  1. We don't accept pull_request for other projects.
  2. We don't accept any changes what breaks dockserver.
  3. We don't give any help for other projects to run this dockers.

Notice Alpine Builds

  1. radarr
  2. sonarr
  3. sabnzbd
  4. lidarr
  5. readarr
  6. bazarr
  7. duplicati
  8. And many more......

More and more dockers will use alpine as base image

What that's all ?!

Nope... we have build our own CI/CD PIPLINE

It's runs inside of a isolated Container environment

Specs :





*( isolated docker based github runner ))

Some hidden Updates are pushed

We provide as next some hidden scripts to build

the docker images based of a json / shell file

(( runs since 4 weeks now ))

Also we have added a new layer for check of any breaches.

Next what is also added :

one dependencies script to pull the latest versions of every dependencies what is used inside of the docker

push to public ?! And show the code ??

No way .....

We didn't show them , since I know some other are stealing here,

Without given any credits or respect

Ideas and Code

This repository is heavily based on images and k8s-at-home idea

All Containers have some additional edits just for

Please check before you run it on other systems

And the best is

Fuck XOXO SBOX stealing code to get your product up and running is a bitch move

SOME fancy stats


Own Builded Containers


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