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  1. Login to your Cloudflare Account & goto DNS click on Add record.
  2. Add 1 A-Record pointed to your server's ip.
  3. Copy your CloudFlare-Global-Key and CloudFlare-Zone-ID.

Set the following on Cloudflare

  1. SSL = FULL ( not FULL/STRICT )
  2. Always on = YES
  3. HTTP to HTTPS = YES
  4. RocketLoader and Broli / Onion Routing = NO
  5. TLS min = 1.2
  6. TLS = v1.3

Update System before you begin with installation

sudo apt-get update -yqq
sudo apt-get upgrade -yqq
sudo apt-get autoclean -yqq

Easy Mode install

Run the following command:

sudo wget -qO- | sudo bash
Long commmand if the short one doesn't work.
sudo wget -qO- | sudo bash

Open the dockserver Interface

sudo dockserver -i
  • Now the preinstall runs full automatic
  • If not triggered by installer, please restart your server.

Install Traefik & Authelia first

Note ( critical step | without dockserver will not work )

After deployment of Traefik & Authelia you have to install mount, then you can install any app.

  1. Open the dockserver Interface again
  2. Type 2
  3. Type 1 now you can see all the apps sections.
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